Where to Find Wallet Escape from Tarkov?

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A wallet is an item in Escape from Tarkov, is used as a container in which players keep their items. It helps the players have a safe container for keeping essential items such as money, ID cards, and other main documents. Wallets are not only used in this game but also play a significant role in real life. A wallet can carry all those small items which have chances of getting stolen if kept openly in the pockets.

Many players are connected with Escape from Tarkov but are still unaware of so many vital elements. It is not a good thing, and players should opt for grabbing the knowledge about at least the main aspects. If you don’t pay attention to the main elements of the game, then it will lead you to face lots of problems. There is a proper need for an empty wallet in the game so that players can easily hold their items while going on any mission. You should always be ready to get the wallet whenever you get a chance.

Find Wallet Escape from Tarkov

If you don’t know where to get the wallet, you can consider the below points to enhance your knowledge. It will also allow you to experience new things while finding the wallet.

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  • You can find the wallet in the pockets of Scavs as it can sometimes be in his pocket. You can get it from there and make yours entirely so that you won’t get problems keeping your documents. When you get success in getting the wallet, then you can use it for any work and also helps you complete your missions easily without getting your items stolen.
  • Secondly, if you start taking the damage from getting the invisible Scav pound, then you will heal the key and run away. By running away, you will easily able to save your life and make your items carrying easy. In the factory, you will get the Scav pocket, but others do not give any visibility of Scav and make you face a lot of problems. If you prefer to find a wallet in the factory, then it will be great for you as it will allow you to get the wallet.
  • There are many wallets in Escape from Tarkov, but they usually spawn in the market rooms. It can also be found on gas stations rarely and provides a chance to get the wallet. You can find the gas station wallet with the help of a custom map. You can also find one from the punished guest Prapor in the form of a reward. These are some places where you can get the wallet and make your living secure by keeping documents safe.


The above information is all related to how and where you find a wallet in Escape from Tarkov. It will help you to know multiplayer places where you can find the wallet. You should try to be innovative in finding the wallet so that you can find it easily without facing any problem.

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