Where to Get Scuba Gear in GTA 5?

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Scuba Gear is one of the suites in GTA 5, which helps the players to swim safely to have fun or to reach any other place. It helps players to complete their missions in the game in easy and quick ways. It is basically functional underwear breathing gear, which helps to breathe properly while in the water. Players opt for finding this gear so that they can grab the way of completing their tasks. Players can wear it only on their bodies, and they can only get one gear. The manufacturer of the scuba gear is Scuba wear.

Scuba Gear in GTA 5

Players can buy this gear after completing some missions and get access to the gear and various benefits. All the players must know about this gear so that they can deal with those aspects for which scuba gear is a must. Every player must understand the importance of this gear so that they can easily perform their various tasks. Many players are engaged in playing GTA 5, but they don’t know much about the scuba gear, which can lead them to lack knowledge.

You can pay attention to the below information as it will help you know about the scuba gear location. It will also help you to know its various uses and description properly.

Scuba Gear Tutorial

  • You can get this gear after unlocking the Doomsday heist update. When you get access to this update, then it will help you to get the scuba gear. You can opt for buying this gear as it charges you for $1,55,500 to $1,63,000, and it is an online outfit. It will suit you very well and helps you to breathe properly at the time any of your missions related to water. You will not get the information related to this gear on the map, so you need to be attentive to complete the doomsday mission.
  • The Scuba Gear is consisting of a jacket which is filled with some weight compensators and a single tank which is mounted on the rear. The tank is filled with two features with the main hoses. One is connected to the wearer’s masks and regulated by the two-stage regulations. The second one is connected to the interactive inflator valve. There is a diving lamp attached to the second hose on the same height as the area of the chest.
  • The gear helps the players to dive underwater with proper safety and equipment with Scuba Gear, which helps to survive when the lungs’ capacity expires. The Scuba Gear can be worn on the clothes which you are already wearing. It can help the players to have an easy task to wear and allows you to wear at any place you are standing. You need to take care of various techniques so that you won’t face any problem after wearing it and jump into the water. Be safe while swimming so that you can breathe easily with proper safety and comfort.


The above information will help you to know about where the Scuba Gear exactly in GTA 5. It can help the players know the solution to their query, which can help them have new experiences. If you pay proper attention to the information, then it would be great to have a proper understanding.

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