Where to Hide the Getaway Car in GTA 5 FIB Mission?

In GTA 5 Getaway vehicle, it is one of the pre-heist mission which helps the players have a unique vehicle to establish various missions. Players prefer to have a getaway vehicle as it helps them to have new experiences and various benefits. For completing the getaway mission, you have to take a vehicle and place it in a designated area. The best place for playing the vehicle would be your neighborhood, i.e., the area of FIB lot. It will help you to get the best place for placing the getaway vehicle.

When you park your vehicle, the game will designate whether the area you have selected is good or bad. If the area you have selected is not good, you have to opt for another place that suits the getaway vehicle’s location. Once the location gets approved, you have to call Michael suitable for this job and use the MARK GETAWAY LOCATION. It is an option that will help your character to complete the mission with a smooth-running game.

Hide the Getaway Car in GTA 5 FIB Mission

For further details related to your query, you can consider the below information. It will help you to understand the concept well about where you need to hide the getaway vehicle in GTA 5.

Further Details

  • For the mission related to the getaway vehicle, Trevor is the character who can be selected. He has all the abilities to complete this mission and hide the car in an appropriate place. This mission is connected to heist, and all the missions connected to the heist are short. The getaway mission is a mission in which your character has to steal a car and hide it in that place where it stays unnoticeable. It could help the players to have success in the getaway mission if they succeeded in hiding the getaway vehicle.
  • For hiding the getaway vehicle, you need to unlock it, and for that, you have to complete the main mission, i.e., mission 35. This mission is related to the Bitz Play, and there is no marker available for the mission, and it can be getting started at any location. But you only need to take care of the place you select should be safe and secret, which won’t be noticeable. This mission is compulsory to get completed so that you can take advantage of the getaway vehicle.
  • The vehicle which you choose should not have any significance. The car you get for the getaway mission is stolen, and you need to pay more attention to the place where you have to hide it. If anyone gets your stolen vehicle, then your mission will be failed and lead you to face a lot of problems. The heist itself takes place in the Cypress flats, so it will be a good idea to hide the getaway vehicle nearby. It will help you to keep an eye on the vehicle if the hidden place is near you.

Wrap It Up

The above information will help you to understand that was you should hide the getaway vehicle or car in GTA 5 FIB mission. It will also help you to know about various other aspects of the mission, which you need to consider. You should always be attentive so that you can hide the car safely where no one can find it.

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