Why Apex Legends Is Such A Huge Success? (Part 1)

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Apex Legends certainly needs no introduction: launched virtually without any warning, the title has conquered a staggering figure in a matter of weeks. The title has accumulated a total count of 25 million total players among its ranks and 2 million online users simultaneously. Although among the motivations of such an exploit, there is also a certainty of luck. Since it is a very risky announcement within a sub-genre that was difficult to penetrate into.

We think that behind the luck of the game there is much more than a divine benevolence, at least for two causes: Starting from the accurate and targeted study of the Battle Royale by the development team. The second one being the media explosion on Twitch. Not only this, Apex Legends has brought with it a breath of fresh air. Its explosion on Twitch is simply a progeny of the success. So let’s see how Respawn has packaged a weapon with surgical precision.

Apex Legends all characters

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Another chance!

It is difficult not to imagine the design of Apex Legends with Vince Zampella and his team. All of having a meeting around a table in order to find those distinctive elements. Like the building mechanics of Fortnite, how they could put distinctive mechanics into Apex and be a huge success. Realistically, they have come up with so much more than that. Since the developer changed the perspective of the Battle Royale genre itself.

Apex has completely eliminated the competition of other titles that arrived with Fortnite. Over time, many interpretations of the Battle Royale genre have come forth. A lot of titles have entirely devoted to this mode as Ring of Elysium and Dying Light: Bad Blood. Even the additions such as Blackout (Call of Duty) and Danger Zone ( Counter-Strike ). However, none of these have succeeded in decisively undermining the former duopoly of PUBG and Fortnite.

Apex Legends Huge Success

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn dedicated to community

In addition to the preferences of the public, playing an important role in this prevailing success, Epic Games has come up with the continuous support of the community. However, if you eliminate the variables of success/failure you can find a common trait in all of these games. A tension mixed with anxiety until today remained indecisive, before the boys of Respawn decided, in the aforementioned round table. They decided to overturn everything with simple but crucial variations.

Apex Legends Weapon

Credits: Allgamers

Beyond the adjustments that are so much discussed (the team landing or the position indicators), they have designed and streamlined a product, at the launch, technically almost impeccable. There are some significant additions that make Apex Legends as one of the most spectacular and intense Battle Royale games of the moment. From now on, similar productions will have to rebuild in some way the peculiarities of the “real battle” of Electronics Arts.

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