Why Apex Legends Is Such A Huge Success? (Part 2)

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What Apex has given us?

First of all to the “reviving” system: It may seem trivial, but the possibility of recovering one or two allies, even after their death, gives Apex a vitality that others missed. In practice, it is good to see that one player can do more for the team. He/she can recover the “banner” and recall the whole team in the appropriate points of respawning. A mechanic that gives life to matches.

Assistance after death

In fact, around this general mood, Respawn has managed to build the whole experience: Whether you are a struggling newbie or hardened veterans, you will sometime have bad luck.

Apex Legends Huge Success

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

No matter which battle royale you play once you are dead you can’t do anything else but to spectate. However, Apex has given players something more. Once on the ground, in fact, we can still play an active role: like suggesting the position of the enemies.

Although the fate of a fight cannot be overturned at any time by this small feature, this is just one of the small tricks that the team has implemented to make the game more exciting. It gives a breath of fresh air to those physiological phases of tiredness typical of the Battle Royale. Apex has introduced a roster of characters with skills that never excel on personal skill. Instead, they are an excellent resource to give something new to the players.

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Apex Legends Gameplay

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has played well of Twitch

It would be unfair to attribute the results achieved on Twitch by Apex Legends only at its intensity. Since in our opinion, a certain stagnation of Fortnite also contributed to the popularity of the title. Two weeks after the announcement, the title has caught up with some of the best starts of the Twitch platform. We think these stars were contacted personally by the developers of Apex. Because the whole scenario appeared to be more than a momentary flash of lightning. Now every former player of Fortnite plays Apex all day long. The audience is bent upon on following the daring shootings of their favorite streamer or the improbable actions of the pro-player on duty.

A breath of fresh air

Speaking of talented players, it is worth noting that another factor has affected the phenomenon. With the advent of Respawn’s Battle Royale, former professionals like Shroud in the sector have returned to the top to the Twitch rankings. It will be for the game’s competitive soul or its new perspective in the first person.

Apex Legends Character Dying

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

The fact is that Apex Legends has granted an alternative in tune with the spectacular gifts of these personalities. The streaming platform is also forging the rise of the game, hosting tournaments between content creators such as Twitch Rivals and Code Red. These competitions are far from being eSports exclusive events, but on the same hand, it is a first step towards the legends of tomorrow.

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