Will Twitch permanently ban Fortnite player Tfue?

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Twitch is in a tough corner at the moment as they are forced to permanently ban one of the most successful personalities on the platform, Tfue. If the player gets stripped off its credentials on Twitch then will be a huge loss for the streaming service. Since a few months ago they lost Ninja to Mixer and now losing Tfue will only make matters worse. Let’s have a comprehensive look on the matter.

Before we head on to the article, we should tell you that Twitch has a “Three-Strikes” rule. Anyone who has been banned three times for violating the guidelines will be removed permanently from the platform. Now, this very rule could prove to be the downfall for platform, since now it would need to ban the Fortnite star Turner “Tfue” Tenney.

Tfue got no chill

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is currently the most successful streamer on Twitch alongside Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. But in May and in August of this year, he received bans, because he violated the guidelines of the streaming service: First time he said the racial slur “coon” and on the second occasion he was banned for not following the rules of the platform. 

On 3rd September, he got a third ban during a fight in Minecraft as he said, “y’all motherf***ers killed that n***a,”. Saying the racial slur means that he promoted hateful conduct and has been banned for 14 days. But, since this is the third “strike”, he has to be banned permanently. The enforcement of the Three Strike rule is a big problem for the platform. Since they lost Ninja to Mixer and Tfue would probably simply switch services if he gets a permanent ban.

What will Twitch do? 

Twitch now has to “throw out” one of its star streamers. If by any means it allows Tfue to stream, then it would indicate that: The platform is particularly “generous” towards its “important” streamers and we can all label Twitch as a two-tier company. At the same time it will be evident that all the streamers who were previously banned under the Three Strike rule were not so important. We’ll have to wait see how Twitch reacts to the situation.

Tfue to follow Ninja?

Tfue is a professional eSports athlete and a Fortnite streamer. He is one of the most prominent personalities in the gaming world. In August he became the most followed content producer on Twitch TV as he reached 6.9 million followers. Keeping in mind that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins had the largest audience on the platform (14.7 million), but the player migrated to rival Mixer.

The change from Twitch to Mixer has been quite successful for Ninja as he booked more than one million subscribers. Lets see if Tfue plans to follow Ninja’s footsteps and become another big addition to the archrival of Twitch, Mixer. 

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