The launch of World of Warcraft Classic - Yay or Nay?

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The long-awaited launch of World of Warcraft Classic did not go exactly as fans of the MMORPG had hoped. Lags, high ping, and endless queues spoiled the gaming experience even before the players got to create their characters. Login problems are still ongoing, but does this mean that playing Classic is not worth it?

Servers problems

In the world of World of Warcraft, the hype around Classic began long before the release of the game. In-game chat of Battle for Azeroth was full of nostalgia. During stress tests, everyone was interested in not only the monsters, but also places in taverns. Yet the characters literally stood on each other’s heads which showed that the developers were not prepared for the worst.

With the release date approaching, it became clear that stress tests are a clear illustration of what awaits players in the first days after the opening. Blizzard refused to raise the limit of characters in one world. So, to accommodate everyone they even added several servers. Yet it still led to in-game bugs and malfunctions. We hope that the bugs will be fixed in the next few weeks.

There are no seats, come tomorrow

The gates to the world of World of Warcraft Classic opened at noon, but not everyone was able to enter the game. How many players with a stopwatch in their hands were waiting for the launch is unknown. But as soon as the game was launched it was almost impossible to get into any server. Many were forced to stand in waiting queues, consisting of 10, or even 20 thousand people. 

Some managed to leak into the server after an hour and a half. Yet they were not fascinated with the experience since: free monsters for hunting were almost nowhere to be seen, and the lags did not allow the game world to get loaded properly.

Million viewers for the 2004 game

Twitch experienced how MMORPG can be successful in 2019. Classic broke into the top shortly before the launch and continues to stay in the lead in the audience. Unfortunately, the servers continued to die. So some streamers had to go to sleep or go about their business, since broadcasting with an endless queues is not the most interesting content. Asmongold, one of the few who play World of Warcraft on a daily basis, was disconnected from the game a couple of hours after logging in.

Should I start playing WoW Classic now?

After each new version, players complain that the grass and orcs were greener in the previous one. With orcs, everything is complicated, because in order to determine the authentic color of their skin, you will have to figure out the World of Warcraft timeline. The World of Warcraft universe is a controversial world that has undergone a lot of changes over the 15 years of the existence of MMORPG. 

We will recommend you to start playing and try to get at least the tenth level. Somewhere at this stage you will understand whether the game is worth your time or not.

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