WoW Classic - How to Leave Guild?


The guild is one of WoW Classic aspects, which helps the players have new characters of elements in the game for more fun. When this version of the game was released from that time, it only gained a wide range of fans. It allows the players to have join gameplay with other players to have some fun and entertainment. Most of the players are related to this game and have more fantastic experiences because they want to know more about the game.

When different players in the game have the same agenda, they come together to make an alliance. In WoW alliance is known as a guild, which helps the players to have fun together with multiple players. If players prefer to join the guild, it can be considered the best experience of a player’s life. This feature of the game helps the players to make new friends and have fun with them. It allows you to make a team of good players across the world who are engaged in playing this game.

WoW Classic - How to Leave Guild

For more details about the game, you can consider further information. It will help you to have some increment in your current knowledge.

Related Info

  • Some players want to know how they can leave the guild and make themselves free from other players. Leaving a guild is a very easy and simple task as it can be done in no time and allows the players to complete this task in seconds. Everything can be done easily with the help of an in-game chat bar. It allows the players to get rid of their guild problem and makes them have a free life without any team or something.
  • If you leave your guild for XYZ reason, then you can do so, and the game will not judge you on that basis. You need to type ‘/gquit’ in the chat bar of the game. It will help you get out of the guild you are currently present without any problem. Leaving guild is one of the easiest and the simplest forms of tasks that any player can do for getting out. Always be careful while doing serious tasks of the game so that you won’t face any hardship.
  • For making the guild, players need to purchase a guild character from the Horde Capital City or Alliance by paying ten silver coins. Purchasing is straightforward, but for that, you should have ten silver coins; otherwise, you won’t get access to a guild. After getting into the guild, some players prefer to leave the guild due to their reasons. The leaving process has been mentioned above, and if you want to leave the guild, you can consider it.

Final Verdict

Leaving the guild is not as hard as you think, as you can check out the process from the points mentioned above. It will help you to have some unique and different experiences for your betterment. You should be attentive and smart enough to learn the above information so that you won’t get any problem. But the above information is not so hard to understand so you can manage the learning easily.

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